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jetsure agritech

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using Modern Day AI to Solve Traditional Farming Problems

Agriculture and farming are one of the oldest and most important professions in the world. It plays an important role in the economic sector. Worldwide, agriculture is a $5 trillion industry. The global population is expected to reach more than nine billion by 2050 which will require an increase in agricultural production by 70% to fulfill the demand. As the world population is increasing due to which land water and resources becoming insufficient to continue the demand-supply chain. So, we need a smarter approach and become more efficient about how we farm and can be most productive

We believe this is one of the technologies that could be a game-changer which could be used to help yield healthier crops, control pests, monitor soil, and growing conditions, organize data for farmers, help with the workload, and improve a wide range of agriculture-related tasks in the entire food supply chain.