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The primary challenges small-scale farmers face in their potential inclusion into food supply chains are low yields and access to markets. Low yields primarily stem from a lack of access to funding for quality farming inputs (e.g. seeds, fertilizers and pesticides) and a lack of training and knowledge in farming practices. But even if farmers have harvest surplus, their remote habitation in combination with limited means of transportation and access to market price information make it difficult to access markets where they could sell their produce.

Agritech does have the potential to contribute to addressing the plight of small-scale farmers. In designing technological solutions, we have learned from and intend to build on the large amounts of work that has been done by development organizations. Instead of trying to design for the different challenges faced by small-scale farmers in isolation, our approach is to seek to both improve small-scale farmer yield and access to markets in tandem. Our aim is to design solutions that target to solve for such different challenges, which is necessary if we want to create meaningful impact on the lives of small-scale farmers. Collaborations with long-standing development agents could provide a productive platform for truly transformational change.